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DiveInclusive is a not-for-profit company dedicated to giving children from ethnic minority backgrounds the chance to explore scuba diving for free. In the safe environment of a swimming pool, our youth scuba diving sessions & courses introduce kids to the wonders of the underwater world. Each session is a journey of discovery and empowerment, where they can learn new skills, build confidence, and have fun.


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Several statistics highlight a significant underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in scuba diving. DiveInclusive is committed to changing this by actively working to increase participation among these communities. By offering children from ethnic minority backgrounds the chance to explore scuba diving in safe, controlled environments, we aim to foster a more diverse and inclusive future for the diving community. Through our initiatives & by introducing these kids to the sport early, we hope to inspire a new generation of divers who reflect the rich diversity of our society.

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Why DiveInclusive?

DiveInclusive was born from my own personal experience as a scuba diver where I have ALWAYS stood out as the only diver from an ethnic minority background in literally every activity, I have been involved in to date. From my certification courses to dive trips within the UK and beyond, it has always been the same experience. Diving wasn’t anything I actively went after. I literally stumbled on it during a holiday in Cape Verde where a try dive was advertised at my resort. 

And so I thought to myself to just do it as a bucket list item, get some nice underwater pictures and be done with it. But as soon as I made my first ever descent below the sea to about 5meters, I was sold! There was no turning back for me. That was 2018. Years on & about 5 dive certifications later, I’m fully convinced that if I can enjoy the sport this much, there surely will be others out there from similar background who would do too. And So I decided to do something about it & where better to start than with kids?

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